PLH3D-6W Height Reference Tool

Compact tool for easy and quick focal distance adjustments.

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Product Description

PLH3D-6W Height Reference is used to set the laser head in 60 or 35mm (2.362 or 1.377 inches) from the working plane. In all of the PLH3D-6W Series laser heads, focusing lens is factory preset to 60mm focal distance. To find the focus spot of the laser head you can use this height reference.

How to use Height Reference:

  •          Mount the laser head on your CNC machine.
  •          Place the adjusting tool on the working plane of the CNC machine, under the laser head.
  •          Using your CNC Controller/Software move the laser head in Z-Axis, try to gently touch the Adjusting tool. At this point you can calibrate Z-Axis.


A shorter working distance and longer working distance:

  •          A shorter working distance for a given lens results in a smaller beam spot size (tighter focus) and thus higher power density. It is often used for higher resolution engraving, higher speed engraving, cutting materials that are either, or any time a higher power density is preferred. However, the beam will also converge and diverge faster for a closer focus, so it is not always recommended for cutting all materials.
  •          A longer working distance produces a larger beam spot and thus lower power density. It is usually preferred for engraving a wider line, cutting a thicker material due to the reduced convergence and divergence, or when a long distance between the laser head and the plane of the object to be engraved is necessary. For setting the working distance of the frequently chosen High-Resolution Mounted Triplet Lens for PLH3D-Series, we recommend the PLH3D-Series Focus Adjuster accessory.



PLH3D-6W Height Reference Tool

Very well finished off and easy to use

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